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11.DEC.2014 UPDATE
Ladies of SKYY serve as 2015 GEMA Foundation Ambassadors...  

2.Aug.2007 update

The three Dunning sisters will attempt to beat the Guinness World RecordTM for the “largest kazoo ensemble” at the Apollo Theater sponsored by Summerstage.... 

SKYY recorded ten albums for Salsoul Records, Capitol Records and Atlantic Records between 1979 and 1992.  In 1979 they released their debut album “SKYY” with first single, “First Time Around”  reaching #20 on the Billboard R&B charts.  “Here’s To You” from their second LP  “SKYYWAY” peaked at #23 on the R&B charts and #26 on the Dance Charts.  Their biggest chart position was achieved in 1982 when the Salsoul Records album “SKYYLINE” was certified gold and reached #1 album status on the R&B charts and #18 on the Pop charts. The most popular song from that fourth album release is the certified gold, #1 hit single, “Call Me.”  Two other singles recorded for Atlantic Records in 1989, “Start of a Romance” and “Real Love,” released on their album entitled “START OF A ROMANCE,” reached #1 status on the US R&B Billboard chart.


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15.Jan.2012 update

Its always nice to look through your music collection from over the years and reminisce on the good times. The 80’s had some of the best R&B music that has become the staple for so many music lovers lives. SayWhatNews spoke candid with the Ladies of SKYY who are one of those groups ...

The Ladies of SKYY, Denise, Dolores and Bonné Dunning, are best known as the female vocalists of the hit group SKYY. The Brooklyn-born Sisters formed the band SKYY along with band members Solomon Roberts, "Boochie" Sierra, and Gerald LeBon in 1976. Their distinct  vocal harmonies helped create SKYY’s signature sound, which is unlike any other band in the classic funk/R&B musical genre. The Ladies of SKYY are sustaining the SKYY legacy and continue to perform all of their classic club, dance, funk and hip hop music hits to the delight of audiences both nationally and internationally.

The Dunning Sisters’ interests in singing flourished while growing up in their native Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York neighborhood. Influenced by the male soul groups of the 60’s and 70's because of their tight harmonies and smooth routines, The Sisters had dreams of becoming professional singers. They made their first stage appearance at their high school talent show in 1968 under the name "The Sounds of Soul." In 1972 they met Randy Muller, while singing at the Miss Black America New York State Pageant. That meeting was the springboard for the beginning of their recording career. The Sisters changed their name to "DiLaRae" and performed as an opening act for Brass Construction, another Muller-produced band. They are listed on background vocal credits for albums which Randy produced, including Brass Construction, Mark Radice, Rafael Cameron, and Charles Earland.   In 1976, The Sisters began their 13-year history with SKYY, recording 10 albums with the band for Salsoul Records, Capital Records and Atlantic Records.  SKYY’s popularity has taken The Sisters on major tours across the United States, the Bahamas, Germany, Italy, Holland, England, Japan, and Africa. They have also appeared on numerous television programs, including American Bandstand, Solid Gold, Soul Train, and Showtime at the Apollo. 

The Ladies of SKYY have performed both nationally and internationally. They received national media coverage for their Guinness World Record attempt for the largest kazoo band performing their novelty song "Skyyzoo" at the Apollo Theater sponsored Summerstage Concert in Harlem, USA. Their international performances include Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen Contest in Bermuda and the gala Corporate Elite Night held in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition, the Ladies of SKYY headlined La Grande Nuit de la Funk’s annual music festival held in Lyon, France.

The Ladies of SKYY received a Golden Mic Award from the Global Entertainment Media Arts Foundation in recognition of their creative works and leadership throughout the world in the music industry. They also serve as Ambassadors of the GEMA Foundation, whose mission is to expand the public’s awareness and appreciation of the numerous contributions made by artists all over the world. The Ladies of SKYY received a Lifetime Achievement award from the National R&B Music Society, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Classic Soul and R&B Music. They have also had the privilege of presenting the National R&B Music Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Kool & the Gang at their annual Black Tie Dinner and Awards Gala.
The Dunning Sisters - Denise Wilkinson, Dolores Milligan, and Bonné Williams – are now signed with independent record label Tuxedo Parkway LLC. They are currently working with some of the most notable writers and music directors in the business reviewing new material for a soon to be released project.